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Credit card companies and collection agencies aggressively pursue collection of debt. Whether by letters, constant telephone calls or by filing law suits, these companies attempt to collect the debt that many times includes exorbitant interest and fees. 

If you do nothing, these companies can obtain a judgment against you. With a judgment, these companies can attach your real estate, personal property and automobiles. They can even garnish your bank account.

Attorney Christopher J. Gleeson has been very successful in having these law suits dismissed and in negotiating settlements favorable for you. Over the past several years, the attorneys of Dethlefs Pykosh Law Group have saved over $800,000.00 dollars as a result of their defense of these claims.

Before you engage a credit counseling company, call for your FREE consultation with the local attorneys at Dethlefs Pykosh Law Group.
Mortgage Foreclosure

Our Credit Card Defense Services

  • Debt relief
  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Collection defense
  • Bankruptcy
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